Prosecutorial Discretion

The Obama Administration recently enacted a policy whereby immigration officials will have authority to exercise prosecutorial discretion to help certain qualified individuals. In determining whether an exercise of prosecutorial discretion is appropriate, officials will look at several factors as described below. Some of these factors will weigh more than other factors but no one factor is determinative. Each case will be examined on a case by case basis.

If prosecutorial discretion is granted, ICE will effectively administratively close your removal or deportation case. Although prosecutorial discretion does not provide "lawful" status, individuals are allowed to remain in the United States with their family members. Further, you may be eligible to receive employment authorization.

In addition to prosecutorial discretion, you may have other forms of relief available in deportation or removal proceedings, so please do not forget to check out our Deportation Defense page.

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Factors for Prosecutorial Discretion

Certain Positive Factors will Prompt Particular Care and Consideration

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