Finding the Right and Trustworthy Immigration Attorney

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Will this lawyer fight for me in deportation court if I hire him? Is he telling me things I want to hear so I will hire him? Will the attorney do my immigration paperwork properly and timely? Does he just want my money? These are all questions that you have probably asked yourself at some point and for good reason.

The more I meet with clients from other countries, I realized that many clients make wrong decisions for financial reasons or bad judgment. I am writing this post so hopefully people make better choice in the attorneys they choose to represent them. This applies to those seeking immigration attorneys or other lawyer in different fields of law. Recently, I had a consult with a prospective client who had hired an attorney without much immigration experience. Her reason for picking the attorney was because "he was the only one I could afford." The lawyer's action resulted in her being unable to see her husband and daughter for over a year. Unfortunately, the inexperience immigration lawyer could have kept the whole family together in the United States had she been familiar with the immigration laws.

There are many more horror stories from clients that I meet that I could share and I am sure many other immigration attorneys have heard similar stories from their clients. In many instances, because of the actions already taken, there is no or little relief available for these persons. Whether it be representation in immigration court, a family or employment based immigration application, citizenship, visa, or even a criminal case, the attorney a person chooses can make a big difference in the future. My point is that clients need to be aware that immigration is a highly specialized field and should hire lawyers who specialize in this field. Second, please be aware that a simple criminal offense can lead to drastic immigration consequences so please consult an experienced immigration attorney before finalizing your criminal case.

I myself tell my clients to seek second opinions from other experienced immigration attorneys if they do not feel comfortable with my legal advice or if I am not confident in answering one of their questions. I have no shame in asking a client to give me more time to research an issue that I am not in a position to answer their question the same day. I believe every client should receive a second opinion regardless if its good or bad news much like you would before a undergoing surgery.

In choosing the right attorney for you, I recommend you take the following steps:

  • RESEARCH THE ATTORNEY AND HIS EXPERIENCE - Get on google and type his or name and see if you can find any reviews on the lawyer. Ask you friend if you know anybody who has previously hired the attorney. Do your homework before you schedule an appointment;
  • MEET THE ATTORNEY IN PERSON - Although the lawyer may have a reputable law practice, I firmly believe that clients should actually meet the attorney in person. This will give you a better impression of the attorney - is he/she seem honest, trustworthy, willing to fight for your rights OR are they just trying to take my money. These assessments are harder to make through a phone consultation;
  • ASK QUESTIONS AT THE CONSULTATION - Ask several questions at the consultation to see whether he or she is knowledgeable in the immigration field. This way you can assess his knowledge as well as his honesty;
  • GET INFORMATION ON PRICING - Always ask how much his or her representation would cost if you were to hire them. Does this include costs (such as, photocopying, mailing, travel costs, etc...) and immigration filing fees or is the price inclusive of everything;
  • GET A SECOND OPINION FROM ANOTHER ATTORNEY IF YOU HAVE DOUBT - If you are unsure whether you believe the lawyer, go ahead and schedule an appointment with another immigration attorney and ask the same questions. Please remember that you are not bound to hire the first attorney that you talk to. Personally, I have no ill will against a person who chooses another attorney rather than me after seeking a second opinion. Rather, I encourage clients to get second opinions.
  • KEEP IN MIND PRICE IS NOT EVERYTHING - The prices of representation varies from lawyer to lawyer. However, I stress that price should not be your focal point in hiring an attorney. If the lawyer you meet with seems honest and proficient in practicing immigration law and happens to give you the lowest price quote, then it may be in your best interest in hiring that lawyer. However, please keep in mind that "you get what you pay for" as the saying goes;
  • DON'T RUSH TO MAKE A DECISION - If you've taken my advice above, you have probably met with at least two or more attorneys. As such, I recommend you talk to your loved ones, family, and friends and make an informed decision on who you want to be your lawyer. As a lawyer, we work for YOU, you do not work for us. So, please take your time in making your decision.
  • LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, PLEASE ASK YOURSELF IF THE ATTORNEY SEEMS HONEST - It is true that there are some lawyers that give this profession a bad reputation (I'm sure most of you know at least one lawyer joke). But there are also lots of good attorneys who will best represent your needs. Before I became a lawyer and needed to hire one, I sometimes walked away from a consultation feeling like he was just trying to get me to pay and get me out of his office. If a lawyer gives you good news that you will get a good result, you should always ask "WHY"? If he or she cannot give you a good answer, you probably shouldn't hire the lawyer.

In sum, do your research and follow your instincts on which attorney you would like to hire. By taking these steps, you not only protect yourself, but you are also protecting your family and friends. This blog post not only applies to hiring an immigration attorney, but it should apply to hiring attorneys in areas of practice or any professional in any field. By take several hours, days, or even weeks in making a correct decision, it could prevent any severe consequences in the future.

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